A few years ago I purchased two Great Danes from two different breeders. The first died at two years old from a heart defect due to backyard breeding. The second died at four years old from liver failure caused by defects from poor breeding. I decided I needed to find a quality dog from a quality breeder. I searched for hours online until I found Shakira Kennels. I contacted Teri via email and ended up speaking with her several times via phone until I made up my mind. I explained that I had a young child and was pregnant with my second and that I would need a companion puppy that was a good fit for our growing family. I liked that her Danes fit breed standards, that's she took time to secure their health and proper diets, that she talked about them like part of her family, and that she wasn't willing to sell to just anyone. She ended up matching us with what would be the best dog I've ever known or had the pleasure of having in my family. We flew Duke to Arizona when he was old enough, and Teri made sure he was comfortable, safe, and healthy after he came home. Duke grew up as my kids grew up and was the most gentle, loving dog I've ever seen! My second child ended up being autistic and would sometimes pull Duke's ears and tail, or would use him as a step to get onto the couch, and Duke never batted an eye, even as he grew old and lost his eye sight. I have never doubted or regretted my decision to affiliate myself with Teri or Shakira Kennels, and when the time comes for me to get another dog it will be a Shakira Kennels Great Dane.




Butters was born at Shakira Kennels on March 30th 2011. He had 2 brothers and 5 sisters. Teri welcomed us and let us visit the litter a few times while they were very young. She made sure to evaluate all the puppies temperament to place them in the right homes. The screening process was rigorous but it was very reassuring to see how much she cared for her pups. When Butters was 12 weeks old, we went to pick him up and spent a good amount of time with Teri, going over the vaccines, AKC, microchip, food, etc... We took the little bundle of joy home and we’ve been in love with him ever since. He is a gorgeous, healthy and happy wheaten! 




Maggie spent her first 4 years with my sons family, but when the Air Force transferred them to Germany Maggie came to live with her big lab brother, Bo and Shepherd cross sister, Shelby. Maggie has always loved children and has a great happy Wheaten disposition ... Loving everyone!Maggie is the healthiest 8 year old dog I know, going for two walks a day totaling 4 miles. She loves to do zommies and watch for possums on the backyard! When the time comes I hope we can have another Wheaten from Teri that is as wonderful as our beloved Maggie♥️




After our last Dane had passed I swore on a stack of large, heavy black books that I/we would NEVER EVER have another Dane.  Having to deal with a seemingly perpetually unhealthy dog is so much harder when said perpetually unhealthy dog weighs over 150lbs., and the Dane-sized hole that was left in my heart after years of daily injections was surpassed only by the hole in our savings account.  The bills at Gulf Coast Animal Emergency Hospital were more than enough to buy at least one nice car, and the thought of repeating this painful episode was simply more than I ever wanted to take on again in this lifetime.  Just call me “Done With Danes”.And so some years later, when Bonnie decided (somewhat emphatically) that we were going to have another Dane, I literally begged her to perform relentless due diligence and find the most dedicated Dane breeder in existence – and she did.  Once we settled on Shakira Kennels and spent time getting to know owner Teri Williams it was just a matter of waiting for the right puppy to be born.  Our home is now home to Shakira’s Augustus Phoenix Rising – “Augie” – whose extra-large presence in our family has been a joy from Day One.  He’s a great big happy, healthy boy who’s always ready for a romp at the park or a ride in The Magic Box (his minivan) and virtually every square foot of our home has been “snobbered” upon by our 150lbs. of smart and loving Great Dane.  Yes, he’s a stunningly handsome creature who never fails to get attention from friends and strangers alike.  Yes, his "Big Boy Bark" makes us all feel safer at home – and, maybe more importantly – when we’re away from home (I know I would certainly take a pass if I heard that bark coming from a house I was thinking about breaking into).  He was easy to train as a puppy and is a well-behaved gentleman when he needs to be, and like a typical Dane he can be a big baby or the silliest knucklehead you’ve ever played with – I don’t think it was an accident that Walt Disney chose a Dane to be “Goofy”...Anyway… we’ve got nothing but praise and admiration for Teri and Shakira Kennels.  She’s the kind of person that obviously cares a great deal about her business and her clients, but more importantly she cares the most about these great big creatures we love to love.  If you’re ready for your first – or thinking about your next – you simply can’t go wrong getting your Dane from Shakira Kennels.  I know you won’t regret it.